Andrew, Marin and Lindsay give “thumbs up” for donating over 1000 books to needy charities.

1000 Books and Counting

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Thursday December 15, 2011

Since September, students at Orchard School have been involved in a project with the Internet-based organization We Give Books (  For every book that the students read online, one new book would be donated to a deserving charity.  Recently, students reached an amazing 1000 books donated. Presently, students are reading to give books to families of children of the Navajo Nation.  Third grade students in Mrs. Pecor’s class have been studying American Indians.  Here are some of their thoughts:

Taylor – “It’s cool that we can donate books to real Native Americans. It helps us realize they are still alive in our country.”

Lindsay – “It makes me feel generous and proud.  Someday, the Navajo children might be able to donate books to others, like we did to them.”

Nidhi – I imagine how much of a struggle it was for the Native Americans long ago.  It’s nice to give back to them and be thankful for all that they taught us.”

Orchard School students are thrilled that their love of reading is helping so many other children.

SOURCE: Donna Sullivan-Macdonald, M.Ed, Teacher Librarian, Orchard School