3rd Annual Invention Convention at Chamberlin

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Thursday April 16, 2015

The Third Annual Invention Convention at Chamberlin School was held recently with 40 student inventors who created 30 pioneering inventions to share with the school community and families. The Invention Convention asks students to create an invention that would serve a purpose. The goal of these inventions is to solve a problem, to make life easier, or to find an innovative way to do something differently. Laying the foundation for creative, divergent, and innovative thinking, Chamberlin’s Invention Convention helps students learn essential skills needed for the workplace and life in general for 21st century learners.

Chamberlin School sparked student interest in creating inventions by hosting Nathaniel Padgett from Quirky.com who spoke with third, fourth and fifth grade students in February. Padgett introduced the concept of creativity and forward thinking, challenging each student to think outside the box, to wonder what is possible, and to come up with solutions to problems. At the Invention Convention, the Chamberlin students, with their imaginative inventors, demonstrated their creativity, ingenuity, and problem solving skills.