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Thursday October 27, 2016

The South Burlington Dolphins youth football season wound down last week, but the fun and enthusiasm did not. The 5th/6th Orangemen tackle division played at Jaycee Park against their longtime rivals, the St. Albans Steelers. As usual, the rivalry made for a great game, only made more fun by the Dolphin tradition of coaches from both teams wearing Halloween costumes. Since the players did not know about the costumes in advance, it took them a few minutes to understand that the long haired lady with a beard, the sumo wrestler, and a strange doctor, among other characters who were running around the field, were really their coaches. The final score was not certain due to all the hilarious game calls, but it did not matter as a great time was had by all. Coach Rene LaBerge says, “South Burlington’s team of young men and women is undefeated after a very strong season of Dolphin pride.