The Bushway family has one final message to send to their customers, “We’ll miss you - until we meet again.”

A Fond Farewell

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Thursday November 26, 2015

Rick’s U-SAVE Beverage & Deli is closing their doors after 18 years in business. A family run enterprise from the start, the Bushways had a way of creating meaningful relationships with their customers for almost two decades at their Williston Road location.

The Bushway family wanted to share their words of appreciation to the community:
We remember the first day we opened our doors at U-Save Beverage, almost 18 years ago. We stood there waiting for licenses, cooler doors were covered, and it was time to open as anxiety took over while we awaited our first customer. Those first dollars were framed and cherished and represent an amazing journey. A journey that not only impacted our family, but our community as well.

It was difficult starting out as a family run business. There were definitely hard times, but the important thing is that as a family we always had fun. We would often share our holidays in the back room, eating Thanksgiving dinner on a cooler as our tabletop. Our children all took part in helping out whether it would be working after school, helping with a night shift or jumping in when times got tough. Helping us stay current in a changing environment, we introduced a growler filling station that revolutionized the business. Our extended family was always there as well. Aunt Joan became everyone’s aunt because that’s just who she is. Charlene was always there to lend an ear when needed, too. There are so many that helped keep us going along the way who we love and appreciate.

We could have never imagined the relationships that would be forged. Our customers became our friends and extended family. Individuals stopped coming in for their daily needs like coffee, sodas, lunches, after-work beverages, but rather came in to see a friend. Their needs were an afterthought to their visit. These relationships became reciprocal; we were there for them and they were always around to support us. It was never a question of asking for help, it was just the Bush-way. It truly became community when we could all pull together when the time came.

U-Save became a fixture on Williston Road, although you may not have realized through all the changes in brands of gas we carried over the years. Inside, we remained the same and kept pushing through. There will be so many things that will be missed, from Michigan Fridays to Growler tastings. But mainly it’s the people. You all have been a fixture in our daily lives and you will truly be missed. Our meeting place may be going away, but together we stand as friends and family and for that we thank you. Your years of business and friendship will never be forgotten.