Residents from South Burlington and nearby towns ask questions and voice concerns following the airport’s presentation of the newly released Airport Noise Compatibility Planning Program.

Airport Hosts Noise Mitigation and Mapping Session: Noise Discussion Fuels Audience

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Thursday November 12, 2015

Residents and interested parties packed the Chamberlin School cafeteria on Monday evening, November 9, to hear the Burlington International Airport 14 CFR Part 150 “Airport Noise Compatibility Planning Program” update, which revealed the 2015 and 2020 Noise Exposure Maps (NEM) recommended by the FAA. David A. Crandall, principal consultant of Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. (HMMH)--consultants in noise and vibration control--presented an overview of Part 150, sound terminology, the proposed 2015 & 2020 Noise Exposure Maps, land use data, and the schedule for public comment. The maps must be submitted to the FAA by the end of 2015.

Noise Exposure Maps are computer-modulated maps that display average levels of sound illustrated by contours. In the past, the NEM has shown two different methodologies: the FAA methodology (based on 365 days of operation) and the Vermont Air National Guard’s methodology (228 days).The new 2015 and 2020 maps reflect joint use of these methodologies. It’s recommended that the map be updated every five years, especially if federal funds are needed or there are significant changes (i.e. F-35 arrival). The airport plans to apply for federal money to help insulate homes under the Noise Mitigation Program.
Many residents voiced their concerns about noise from the Air National Guard, and asked why the F-35 noise levels weren’t on the map (the map reflects only what is currently present). Others asked if more homes will be bought, if an actual on-site noise study could be conducted to supplement the computer based model, and if the airport could apply for more funds beyond insulation for individual homes under the Noise Mitigation Program. Director of Aviation Gene Richards said that he will deliver the questions he could not answer to the Air National Guard and FAA.

The meeting marks the beginning of the public comment session, written comments are accepted until December 10. Comments can be emailed to, faxed to 802-863-7947, or mailed to Burlington International Airport, 1200 Airport Drive, #1, South Burlington, VT 05403. Include “NEM Comment” in the subject line.

SOURCE: Miranda Jonswold. Correspondent