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Thursday May 24, 2012

How can a display of such mundane items as buttons be of interest?  Mrs. Annie Flood, a resident of Allenwood  at Pillsbury Senior Communities in South Burlington, has the answer.  Over many years and in many parts of the world Mrs. Flood, 97, has studied the history of buttons, collected hundreds of special interest, written articles, and prepared many framed displays.  Her long career has included years of service with the American Red Cross in Japan and as a school teacher in Venezuela.

Button displays can cover many categories such as comics, sports, literature, family interests, military, railroads—the subjects are endless.  Part of Mrs. Flood’s collection, with nursery rhymes as a theme, has been on display in the Allenwood dining hall for over a month and has attracted much attention.

Mrs. Flood is a member of both the National Button Association (NBA) and the Northeast Regional Button Association (NERBA).  The national convention for the NBA will be in Portland, OR in August.  The NERBA annual meeting will be in June in Southbury, CT and Mrs. Flood plans to attend.

SOURCE: Pillsbury Senior Communities