Liam Hariri, Vermont’s American Red Cross Youth Volunteer of the Year 

An Aspiration to Help: Hariri Honored with ARC Award

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Thursday August 09, 2018

Liam Hariri of South Burlington was honored by the American Red Cross (ARC) at their Volunteer Recognition Awards earlier this summer. He received the American Red Cross Youth Volunteer of the Year Award in Vermont and was recognized as an unsung hero for demonstrating exceptional volunteer service and commitment to supporting and improving the quality of service provided by the organization.

ARC Volunteer Engagement Specialist Angela Russell said, “He was always willing to go above and beyond if needed. Liam held himself accountable for the completion of his tasks with much professionalism. He was always engaged with the daily activities, as they were ever changing, and always checking in to see if there was anything else that he could do to help. He has a good understanding of the scope of the work that the Red Cross does locally and nationally.”

A recent graduate of Rice Memorial High School, Hariri said, “Winning the American Red Cross Youth Volunteer of the Year Award meant a lot to me because it helped me feel as if the award itself was a physical embodiment of what all my volunteer work was.”

Hariri worked for nine months as a support associate in the ARC volunteer services department for the two state region, Vermont and New Hampshire. Russell says, “He was a huge help during last year’s hurricane season, returning dozens of phone calls to people who were interested in deploying to help those affected by the storms, informing them of the upcoming rapid boot camps, single day trainings to prepare someone for deployment, and how to register.” In addition, Russell remarked, “His computer skills were much appreciated!”

Having learned about the ARC volunteer opportunity at Rice after a meeting with the campus minister regarding community service opportunities, Hariri commented, “The Red Cross is important to me because helping others is something I aspire to do in life.”

Noting Russell as an inspiration to his volunteer efforts, Hariri said, “She always came into the office with a smile on her face and an energy that was contagious. These factors alone made my passion for volunteer work grow even stronger.” He adds, “I would like to thank Angela and the entire American Red Cross Disaster Center team for allowing me to be a part of such an incredible thing.”

As Hariri heads to Bryant University in Rhode Island to study business, Russell notes that the demand for volunteers continues. Anyone interested can contact her at 802-497-5994 or for more information. “Potential volunteers complete an online application that includes a screening process where we can connect them with opportunities based upon their skills and availability.”

Hariri recommends the experience and encourages fellow students to become an ARC volunteer. “I would tell them that partaking in such an opportunity presents them with a new outlook on life with regards to helping others and bettering yourself as a person.”

Russell notes that Hariri understands the impact volunteering makes, adding, “Without his help we wouldn’t have been able to keep up with our daily tasks.”