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Wednesday December 23, 2015

This past summer, Kiran Waqar assisted with the Wellness Environment Program through the Child Psychiatry Department at the University of Vermont (UVM). Created by Dr. James Hudziak, the program took place at the University Health Center and the UVM College of Medicine. Waqar closely worked with researcher Stephanie Day, who was in charge of the program during her time as an assistant.

The focus of the program was to help UVM students increase wellness through different activities that decrease the risk of nerve damage.

Waqar decided to become an assistant in this program because in the eighth grade she did a science fair project on endorphins and exercise. She became interested in the Wellness Environment Program when she noticed that they had done a research project on endorphins and exercise. For three months during the summer, she met with researcher Stephanie Day twice a week to assist with her research.

Waqar enjoyed her time as an assistant, noting that, “It was interesting to be part of something bigger.” She felt that everything she researched, whether big or small, would be affecting other students at UVM. Through the program, she acquired skills she could use later in life. “I ended up reading articles that were at a higher reading level than I was used to, so I learned skills for taking apart articles,” she explained. She also learned good management and research skills.

Waqar would definitely recommend this program to other students. “It’s a way to get in the real world and experience real things,” she states. She says that the program is a great way for students to get hands on experience as well as a sense of what they would like to do as a future career.

SOURCE: Zaneta Sulley, SBHS CDC Correspondent