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Barritt Announces Candidacy for City Council

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Thursday January 28, 2016

A Vermonter for 32 years and South Burlington resident for 23, Tim Barritt and his family lived first in the Eastwoods neighborhood and now live at the Cider Mill.  His wife is a teacher in Hinesburg, their son is a UVM junior and their daughter is an SBHS junior.  An IBM retiree, he is an IT engineer at Globalfoundries. You may remember him as “Mr. Science” at Orchard School Science Fairs in the early 2000’s. 
Barritt is independent, frugal, and a good listener. He supports fiscal prudence, balanced growth, and transparency. He loves South Burlington and has worked hard to serve it well, volunteering six years on the Library Board and four-plus years on the Development Review Board (DRB), which he currently chairs. On the DRB, his goal is to help applicants and neighbors find common ground where possible—meanwhile, doing justice to our zoning rules and maintaining a sense of humor. His DRB service includes helping approve dozens of PUDs, site plans and in-fill projects that demonstrate businesses’ willingness to spend capital dollars in South Burlington.

Barritt recognizes the importance of City Center as the last centrally located undeveloped area in the city. What concerns him is the idea that the city must sell 11 acres in City Center, including Marcotte Central Elementary School, to launch development in this area. That 11 acres is the only city-owned land in City Center (the school district owns it). The process that brought us to this point, though carried out by a diligent volunteer Master Planning and Visioning Task Force, lacked meaningful resident input. He is troubled by the fact that a developer’s proposal to buy this property appears to have precipitated the task force’s recommendation to re-purpose that exact property.
This land has unique potential for South Burlington. These 11 acres can accommodate other civic buildings. Once that land is sold, it is gone forever. South Burlington loves its open space; he will be an advocate for open space (school/park) within City Center and throughout the city. He is also an advocate for recreation paths, a new city library, and addressing the needs of neighborhoods in transition—for example, the Chamberlin neighborhood.

Barritt’s decision to run for city council was prompted by wanting to do his part to ensure the city does due diligence with regard to City Center by having a more inclusive conversation and more exhaustive study of the tangible and intangible value of school district land in City Center. 

He will work to see that decisions on all matters are driven by the common goals of the community and not special interests.  He asks for your vote on March 1.