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Thursday March 03, 2016

The South Burlington Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee (SBBPC) held the last of its monthly meetings gathering information from residents of the four quadrants of the city February 12. The committee would like to thank the many residents who attended meetings over the last four months and/or sent e-mails letting the committee know their desires and priorities for improving the bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure within the city. Areas of concern included:

• Gaps that exist between sections of the current recreation path network.

• Locations where bike lanes or paths are needed for the safety of commuters as well as recreational use.

• Areas where sidewalks, crosswalks, and crossing lights are needed for people to gain access to bus stops or to safely walk to retail stores and other businesses.

• Locations where the timing of crossing lights is insufficient for senior citizens and schoolchildren to cross safely.

The SBBPC will use the information gathered to create a list of all the needs identified for each quadrant, to determine which projects should be prioritized (e.g., by ranking factors like safety, cost, ease of approval, impact, etc.), make comparisons to the current City Capital Improvement Programs listing, and communicate its findings to city staff and the city council. Updates will be reported in The Other Paper and Front Porch Forum and residents are encouraged to continue to voice their support for continued bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements to their elected officials. The committee’s next monthly meeting is scheduled for 5:30, March 9 at City Hall. Residents are welcome to attend.

SOURCE: Dana Farr, Chair, South Burlington Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee