Left to right: Kara Bouchett, with kale chard apple juice, Ian Bouchett, with orange carrot juice, and Sara Larkin, with beet red pepper cucumber juice, are ready and to enjoy their healthy raw juices.

Bouchetts and Larkin Announce New Businesses

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Thursday October 17, 2013

In a kitchen in South Burlington, ideas for new recipes and indoor cycling programs seem to spill out of excited entrepreneurs, Sara Larkin, and husband and wife team Ian and Kara Bouchett. They’ve just announced the first location for their new businesses: Juicebox: Raw Juicery and Cyclepath: Indoor Cycling, set to open in December. The three South Burlington residents are working to ensure the highest quality taste and nutrition in town and couple it with an indoor fitness experience that will make customers forget they’re working out.

The two businesses, while opening simultaneously in the same building at 126 College Street in Burlington’s downtown core, are independent of one another. “Some people like juice, some people like indoor cycling, and some people like both. Juicebox and Cyclepath are neighbors, and it will be fun to share some customers”, says Ian Bouchett, one of the proud owners of the two new businesses.

“I think people, especially Vermonters, are becoming very aware of their food choices and the consequences and benefits of those choices” says Sara Larkin, who runs the sales and marketing for the two businesses. “Juice is the best, because you get the benefit of ‘fast’ food, without compromising your health. And it tastes amazing!” she continues. Kara Bouchett, who runs the businesses operations, is a raw nutritionist and has developed all of the recipes from her arsenal of “raw power”, as she calls it. “It has been fun to watch juicing become so popular! It invites a real opportunity for us to contribute to the positivity by offering a really fun and tasty product.” she adds.