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Burkhardt Announces Candidacy for School Board

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Thursday January 21, 2016

Bridget Burkhardt has announced that she is running for the two-year term on the South Burlington School Board from which Dan Fleming is retiring. Burkhardt cites her gratitude to the South Burlington community and desire to impact positively the future of South Burlington’s schools as her motivations for seeking a position on the school board.

“We chose South Burlington as the place to settle when we moved to the area primarily because of the quality of its schools. We are extremely grateful to and proud to be part of this community, which has welcomed our family warmly. The school board faces some very challenging decisions in the next few years that will determine the course of our school system for the coming decades. I am eager to offer my skills and energy to help our community make the choices that will help us provide the best education for all of the students of South Burlington both now and in the future, while also managing costs responsibly for the taxpayers who support the system,” Burkhardt said.

Burkhardt and her family moved to South Burlington in 2010. She is a stay-at-home mother of two sons, ages 6 and 2. Burkhardt received a B.A. from Brown University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. She spent her early professional years working in investment banking and private equity in New York City. After moving to London in 2001, she worked for a community development venture capital fund that builds businesses in economically deprived areas of England. After returning to the U.S. in 2004, she worked for SB Partners, a venture capital fund that invested in women- and minority-owned businesses. In 2006 she began working for ShoreBank International (now called Enclude), a consulting firm that works with microfinance institutions, small business banks and affordable housing lenders in developing countries. She specialized in structuring financial instruments to help ShoreBank’s clients raise funds from both public and private sources to fulfill their missions of creating wealth and improving the lives of people in underserved communities around the world. She worked with ShoreBank International until the birth of her second son in 2013. Burkhardt’s husband, Fritz, is a graduate of Middlebury College and an Assistant Professor of finance at Champlain College.

“Through my work experience I’ve learned to listen to the different expectations and demands of multiple groups of interested parties and help them work together to accomplish significant positive change. I hope to be able to use this experience and my analytical skills to serve South Burlington in the coming years. I look forward to earning the support of South Burlington’s voters,” Burkhardt says.