Melissa Valgoi and Frankie Karnedy take a break from planning SBHS Career/Job Expo. PHOTO: Megan Harton

Calling for Ambassadors

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Thursday March 03, 2016

On Tuesday, April 5, South Burlington High School (SBHS) will host its annual Career/Job Expo. Throughout the day, high school students visit the tables that companies from all around Vermont have set up in the gym for students to learn about a variety of occupations. During the school day, student ambassadors host the company representatives.

Frankie Karnedy, the assistant co-director, and Melissa Valgoi, the co-director, explain how these students benefit from the experience.

“An ambassador is a high school student assigned to work alongside the company representative to see that their needs are met during Expo day,” Valgoi says. “The ambassadors lead the company’s representatives to the table, help set-up, make sure they have what they need, eat lunch with them, and draw students to the company’s table,” Karnedy explains.

The students do not benefit just by getting the satisfaction of helping the company. “The ambassadors earn 10 community service hours. Also, they are paired with a company of their interest so they get one-on-one time with that company,” Karnedy states. The ambassadors stay at the Career/Job Expo the entire day.

“The ambassadors can take advantage of talking to other companies without a crowd,” Valgoi adds. They learn about jobs they are interested in as well as other career possibilities. The companies benefit, too. “They get publicity, find volunteers, find interns, and are able to reach out to high school students,” Karnedy explains.

Ambassadors are very important for the Job Expo. They help the companies’ representatives go through the day smoothly and they learn about their future. According to Valgoi, interested students can pick up an information packet in the CDC office or, online at the SBHS website, click on the CDC tab and the Career/Job Expo 2016 tab. Questions may be directed by e-mail to Melissa Valgoi at, Frankie Karnedy at, or Nancy LaVarnway at

Interested students should attend a mandatory meeting before or after school on March 15 and pick up an application. Applications are due March 22.

SOURCE: Megan Harton, SBHS CDC Correspondent