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Thursday August 08, 2013

 South Burlington resident, Brother Michael Carter will soon be taking Vows toward entering the Priesthood with the Society of St. Edmund. Br. Carter will take his First Vows at the 11:15 a.m. Mass on August 15th at Saint Anne’s Shrine in Isle La Motte, Vermont.  Brother Lino Oropeza from Caracas, Venezuela will take his Final Vows during the Mass. 

This celebration of the Mass will bring together all members of the Society of St. Edmund, including those in Vermont and those in the Edmundite southern missions in Selma, AL.

Vows are taken after Postulancy and a year and a day of Novitiate, a spiritual education leading toward becoming a member in the Society of St. Edmund, which is the order of priests and brothers who founded Saint Michael’s College in 1904.

Brother Michael Carter is a 2012 graduate of Saint Michael’s College, earning his degree in Religious Studies.  As a student, Brother Michael was active with Edmundite Campus Ministry at Saint Michael’s College. Both men taking Vows spent their Novitiate studying and focusing on discernment and spiritual development in the Edmundite Formation House in South Burlington guided by the Rev. Marcel Rainville, SSE, Director of Formation.