Cassidy leaves his position after 12 years on the board, six of which were as chair. 

Cassidy Concludes Twelve Years of Service: School Board Chair to Resign

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Thursday May 23, 2013

After twelve years of service on the South Burlington School Board and six as Chair, Richard Cassidy announced at Monday night’s school board meeting that he will be resigning effective June 30, 2013. “Thanks for making my time on the Board so enjoyable” Cassidy said. His announcement was met with thanks from fellow Board Member Elizabeth Fitzgerald on behalf of the school board for all of his hard work and contributions.

In a letter to the community, Cassidy explained that some time ago, he accepted a leadership position with a national law reform organization and beginning in July, his duties will increase significantly thus, preventing the feasibility of meeting both sets of responsibilities with the attention they deserve.

Cassidy lauded the accomplishments the Board has achieved during his tenure not the least of which involved fulfilling the role of community leadership.

Additionally, he mentioned how the Board has kept costs under reasonable control while continuing to be a state leader in providing high quality education.His departure is not without disappointment.  “I resign with very real regret, as I have found my role deeply satisfying. I will miss the opportunity to work to improve our schools and our community. There is always more to do,” he wrote.  However, Cassidy firmly believes the district is in good shape, and lauds the strong leadership of Superintendent David Young and the team of administrators, faculty and staff. 

Cassidy explained that the Board has the authority under their charter to appoint another chair. Therefore, a Board vacancy discussion as well as a conversation on process was placed on the agenda for the June 5th meeting. 
Cassidy said, “I can’t give enough thanks to my present and former board colleagues. Without exception, all 12 of them have demonstrated consistent commitment to the public good. We have embraced a broad diversity of views, but bridging those views has rarely been difficult because of that shared commitment. The current Board remains fully capable of providing excellent community leadership to the District.”  

SOURCE: Corey Burdick, Correspondent