CCS faculty co-advisors Erin Randall-Mullins and Nancy LaVarnway

CCS Celebrates with Appreciation

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Thursday May 21, 2015

Usually you are told not to expect anything in return for doing a good deed. However, South Burlington High School (SBHS) went against the current recently when they held a party for the SBHS club, Coalition for Community Service (CCS). The primary focus of CCS is the support of local (community-wide) and global-based activities through membership and group participation. The party on May 11 served as a thank-you to CCS leaders and members for all their hard work.

The gathering commenced with certificates and mugs handed out to 88 individuals who were recognized as qualifying members. In order to earn this title, members completed a minimum of 16-hours at events, or assisted at six events, and attended at least four meetings. The graduating senior leaders, Peter Camardo, Hina Rattu, Sharvari Athalye, Blair Bean, and Vaishnavi Andra received their own special recognition. The incoming officers all pitched in to get each of the current leaders baskets of Lake Champlain chocolates.

The Hawaiian-themed event was planned and organized by current CCS leaders. One of the two co-faculty advisors, Erin Randall-Mullins, who teaches health at the school, was proud to announce that her students had made a point of finding healthy snacks for the occasion. When asked if she, or co-advisor Nancy LaVarnway, had any part in planning the party, Randall-Mullins said, with a laugh, that they were “just overseeing the organization.” She added that the event was a good chance for “people to come and … celebrate all the good things that we’ve done as a group.”

SOURCE: Ali Barritt, SBHS CDC Correspondent