The new CCS officers for the 2014-2015 school year. L-R, top row: Nancy LaVarnway, Daniel Yi, Devin Hebert, Vaishnavi Andra, Adam DeCosta, Peter Camardo; bottom row: Blair Bean, Hina Rattu, Sharvari Athalye, Ellie Riehle, Clark Deng and Mehul Shah.

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Thursday June 05, 2014

The Coalition for Community Service, more commonly known as CCS, is an organization at South Burlington High School whose hard-working and dedicated members give their time helping others throughout the community.  Officer Peter Camardo says about the group “I had never witnessed a group with such a desire to help the community until I became a part of this group. The best part about the club is that it brings together a group of genuinely nice people.”  Leading this group are committed and enthusiastic officers who do everything from public relations to managing the database. As the 2013-2014 school year comes to a close there are several senior officers who deserve recognition for the wonderful work that they have done leading this group.  

A thank you and good luck goes out to Presidents Alyssa Tenney and Prakriti Timsina as well as Public Relations/Marketing Assistants Reema Sameen and Michael Dickhaut.  But as the old officers say goodbye, a fresh wave of new officers is coming in for the 2014-2015 school year. Taking over as Co-Presidents are Hina Rattu and Peter Camardo, with Sharvari Athalye as the Executive Officer. Soon-to-be juniors Ellie Riehle and Daniel Yi are both assuming the role of Vice President. The Co-Secretaries will be Clark Deng and Devin Hebert while the Public Relations/Marketing team will be Blair Bean, Adam DeCosta, Vaishnavi Andra, and Mehul Shah. These energetic new officers have talked about engaging the community next year by bringing in more new members, releasing new web pages and continuing events from last year such as Purple Ribbon Day.  Officer Blair Bean said “Any group in the community that is looking for volunteers can present at a CCS meeting and with over 100 members we can always find enough volunteers to help at any event. CCS members have a lot of initiative and have started a lot of events to help the community.” The CCS is looking forward to an exciting new year and wants to thank the graduating officers for all of their time and hard work.
SOURCE: Elizabeth Kroll, SBHS 2016, CDC Correspondent