The CDC has a full complement of correspondents for the 2013-14 academic year. Pictured, left to right, bottom row: Felicia Le, Ali Barritt, Adara North, Hina Rattu, Sabina Latifovic; top row: Mrs. LaVarnway, Mrs. Branda, Maddie Weaver-Nolting, Kailey Miller, Elizabeth Croll, Alyssa Tenney, Talia Solomon, Patrick Ryan.(Not pictured,Chloe Grant)

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Thursday October 24, 2013

A coalition of dedicated South Burlington High School students has come together to participate in the Career Development Center (CDC) Correspondents. Led by juniors Felicia Le and Maddie Weaver-Nolting, the organization allows students to share their writing with the South Burlington community through articles published in The Other Paper. This year, twelve students are participating, with two new members. They are excited to be able to have their work read by South Burlington’s community members and to share with readers some information about themselves.

Felicia Le, a junior, has been writing for the Career Development Center since she was a freshman. She enjoys writing about her classmates and welcomes the opportunity to have her writing reach a wide audience in The Other Paper. This year, she is co-editor with Weaver-Nolting. She is very excited to continue writing with such a great group of journalists.

Kailey Miller, SBHS freshman, loves to write both essays and stories. This year she would like to expand her writing experience, so she has joined the CDC Correspondents to learn about journalism and make some new friends. She enjoys reading, learning about marine creatures, and playing softball.
Harpreet Rattu is a junior with an interest in journalism. Harpreet--preferred name “Hina”--believes the CDC Correspondents is a great platform to discover her potential as a writer as well as take a peek into the world of journalism. She believes this opportunity will contribute  to her future endeavors. Hina’s goals include having her voice out in the community, making connections with new people, improving her writing and ultimately, creating pieces of writing that will be recognized and admired by readers of The Other Paper. In her spare time, she ponders the future of the world, reads, sleeps and eats. 

Sabina Latifovic is a senior who has been involved with the CDC Correspondents since its inception. Prior to becoming a CDC Correspondent, she was a writer for the CDC Career Clues newsletter. This year, Sabina hopes to strengthen her writing skills and learn more about journalism through her experience writing for both The Other Paper and the CDC Correspondents. In her free time, Sabina enjoys hanging out with her friends, watching movies, and “fangirling” over One Direction. 

Maddie Weaver-Nolting, a junior, joined the CDC Correspondents freshman year after attending a Coalition for Community Service meeting. She is very excited to take on the challenge of being a co-editor with Le. She heard about the opportunity to become a member of the writers’ group and was very interested because she has always loved writing. Now she has a chance to do focused and formative writing for The Other Paper. She felt it was an important opportunity because it was the first time that an organized group at SBHS would write for the city’s community paper. The opportunity would not only be fun, but she would learn writing techniques that she could use in and out of the classroom.

Ali Barritt, a freshman, joined the CDC Correspondents because she loves writing and thinks that it would be cool to have her writing published in the community newspaper. She hopes to improve the quality of her writing; she knows her work will be critiqued until it is newspaper-ready. She also hopes that her writing will become recognized in the community. Besides writing, she enjoys photography, practicing and speaking Spanish, and listening to/making music. 

Elizabeth Croll, a sophomore, was asked to become a reporter for the CDC’s newsletter in eighth grade. She hopes to learn more about journalism through this wonderful program. She is excited to send her articles out into the world and to improve her writing skills in a challenging and realistic environment. She enjoys playing several instruments, reading and hanging out with friends in her free time.

Alyssa Tenney, a senior, has been the editor of CDC Correspondents for the past two years. She started the CDC Correspondents her sophomore year because she wanted students to have the opportunity to have their writing published and to celebrate students’ achievements. Other than writing, Alyssa loves to play soccer, track and tennis.  

Talia Solomon, a senior, has a passion for writing and is especially interested in journalism. By working as a CDC Correspondent, she hopes to become a better writer and editor. Additionally, she hopes to learn the cool things students in school are doing that aren’t widely known. In addition to CDC Correspondents, she is a captain of the Alpine Ski team, a member of PACT, CCS, and a regular volunteer at Fletcher Allen Hospital. 

Patrick Ryan is a sophomore this year. He joined the CDC Correspondents in his freshman year after being recognized for his achievements in writing. He believes that the CDC Correspondents has been a great way for the students of SBHS to develop their journalism skills while at the same time collaborating with peers to publish their work in their local paper. Writing with the CDC Correspondents has sharpened his skills as a journalist and expanded his connection to the community. In his free time, Patrick enjoys playing the piano, reading, and spending time with friends.

Chloe Grant is also a sophomore. She loves to play field hockey and enjoys reading and writing in her free time. Chloe strives to do her best in every endeavor. She joined the CDC Correspondents to help show the different ways to get involved in the community and how young people can show everyone in their community that students at South Burlington High School are making a difference in this community.

Mrs. Nancy LaVarnway is the Coordinator of the Career Development Center (CDC) and has been leading the seven CDC programs since 1997.  Mrs. “L” loves her position – “The CDC participation continues to grow with six out of every ten students participating in at least one CDC program.  I love being a facilitator of so many wonderful opportunities within the great South Burlington community. I learn something new each and every day,” she said.

Mrs. Pat Branda, retired SBHS English teacher, has volunteered to edit student articles before final drafts are sent to The Other Paper.

Adara North, a junior at SBHS is taking a leave of absence the first semester.

SOURCE: Patrick Ryan (2016), CDC Correspondent