Rick Marcotte Central School Reading teacher Ellen Copley joins Ethan, Aiden, and Marco in receiving a check for $1000. from Berlin City Auto Group’s Drive For Education program.

Central School Receives Literacy Grant

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Thursday June 06, 2013

Rick Marcotte Central School has been awarded $1,000 from the Drive for Education grant available through Berlin City in Williston! The grant will allow Central School to purchase nonfiction texts for the school library. The new Common Core State Standards emphasize increased exposure to nonfiction texts and this grant will support increasing the school’s nonfiction literacy library.  A sincere thank you was given to Mr. Treanor for informing the school of the opportunity. 

The Berlin City dealership hosted the grant celebration, which was attended by Ethan Treanor, Aiden Gray and Marco Stazi on May 22. The pizza and cupcakes provided were enjoyed by the attendees. Upon their return to school, the three kindergarten students proudly delivered the check to the Rick Marcotte  Central School Principal Mrs. Luck.