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Thursday May 31, 2012

“It was good seeing my friends and playing math games with them, and I got a balloon,” said Ryan Carpenter, kindergartener, when describing his experience at Family Math Night. Gwen Willard, third grader, described her experience, “I liked how there were math games from my classroom, so I already knew what to do.” Grace Neudecker, also a third grader, added, “Some of the math was easy for some kids, and some was hard for some kids.  It’s like there were a lot of options of games to play.”

May 7th, Chamberlin School held their first annual Family Math Night!  In the fall, teachers met as part of the action planning process and set goals in the area of mathematics, literacy and school climate.  One of the goals of the math action planning committee was to host a family event to increase the awareness of mathematics skills and ways to bridge the home-school connection.  During Family Math Night, students and their families had the opportunity to play math games from the Bridges mathematics program, explore spatial skills using tangrams, work on number identification through Bingo, read counting stories in comfy bean bags, and visit other tables flowing with math games.

At the end of the night, everyone enjoyed tasting Breakfast Blondies—one of the recipes from our Farm to School program monthly taste tests.  Raffle prizes were donated by the Chamberlin PTO and students had the chance to go home with fun math games. As a parting gift, everyone received a math game or puzzle to take home.

We are grateful to the many staff members who donated their time and energy to make this night so much fun for families. Kindergartner Riley Farmer summed up the experience…”I loved it!”

SOURCE: Chamberlin School