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Thursday September 22, 2011

Inspired by the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds, International Dot Day encourages student creativity and challenges students to think about how they can “make their mark.”  At Chamberlin Elementary School on September 15th, students were encouraged to come up with ways that they can make a difference.  Mrs. Van de Graaf’s third grade class shared ideas from their Writing Journals with a class in Iowa through Skype.  Mrs. Buley’s third grade class wrote a book, Making Our Mark: Celebrating International Dot Day.  After reading The Dot to Mrs. Buley’s class, Superintendent David Young shared his thoughts about “mark making: “It’s not just about the big things, it’s about the little things.  You are making your mark every minute and every second.” 

Students explored dot making through a variety of mediums: watercolor paints, markers, and even on iPads!  Special thanks to Mrs. Flickinger, the school librarian, for making International Dot Day such a success for the students at Chamberlin Elementary.

SOURCE: Holly Rouelle, principal, Chamberlin Elementary School