Chamberlin neighborhood residents examine options and concepts at the CNAPC meeting. PHOTO: Lee Krohn/CCRPC

Chamberlin Neighborhood Improvement Concepts Take Shape

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Thursday May 05, 2016

For over a year, Chamberlin Neighborhood Planning Committee members (CNAPC) have been scoping out ways to revitalize the airport neighborhood. They now have a toolbox of concepts, but they still need the public’s assistance before presenting recommendations to city council in June.

CNAPC held its second community forum at Chamberlin School on Thursday, April 28 to share and collect feedback on civic improvements, transportation improvements, and communication improvements (also referred to as information pathways).

Powered by CCRPC and city funds, as well as consultants Resource Group Systems, Inc. (RSG), the 15-member committee has been actively working toward the following goals:

1. Establish a process for productive dialogue between the Chamberlin Neighborhood and the Burlington International Airport
2. Develop a neighborhood land use/transportation plan
3. Develop a vision for the neighborhood that can help shape the re-use of Acquisition Land
4. Develop recommendations for the consideration of the planning commission and city council (regarding transportation improvements, neighborhood enhancements, neighborhood land use/institutional arrangements, re-use land coordination)

CNAPC also formed a noise subcommittee consisting of a handful of its members to analyze the issue of noise alone.

Following the welcoming statements from Paul Conner, the director of planning and zoning, and committee chair Carmine Sargent, an introduction to committee members, and an overview of the work from Bob Chamberlin of RSG, the public engaged in an “open house” discussion at a series of stations depicting project strategies and concepts. Participants were also given feedback forms to jot down written comments.

The group considered a number of Civic Enhancement Concepts which included possible zoning changes to allow front porches, fences or hedges with border plantings, pedestrian-scale street lighting, benches, bird and bat houses, and fitness trails.

Ideas to enhance transportation focused on bicycle and pedestrian connectivity through protected bike lanes, new short term street configurations, sidewalks and crosswalks.

Participants also reviewed options for Information Pathways, or ways they would Aprefer to be involved in the process. They discussed the kinds of issues or activities in the neighborhood they would want to be informed about, and also weighed in on preferred methods to receive info and respond to an issue or proposed action in the neighborhood.
Public Discussion

After examining the information, the public reconvened to review the options; the majority of questions and concerns were about transportation.

Burlington International Airport is in the process of updating its reuse plan—an inventory of all the airport’s land acquired with federal dollars, Conner explained. This is part of the airport’s grant assurances, and it explains the process for potential land use and how it is needed for airport development uses. The airport hosted a public meeting in March and will have another meeting in June to discuss its findings. CNAPC will also hold a meeting in June when the committee will share results as well.

When the project reaches completion, the committee will create a report and provide recommendations to the South Burlington City Council and the South Burlington Planning Commission to review and process. The report and recommendations will also be shared with the Mayor of Burlington, Burlington City Council and the Director of Aviation at Burlington International Airport. For the long-term, the committee hopes to create a committee that will survive the work of CNPAC to continue advocating for the neighborhood’s best interests.

Missed the meeting? Share your thoughts with CNAPC members, Conner (802-846-4106) or Lee Krohn, CCRPC Senior Planner (802-846-4490, extension 30). Upcoming meetings are May 11, May 26, June 7 (final community outreach forum), and June 16.

SOURCE:  Miranda Jonswold, Correspondent