1st  Row:  Tony, Hailey, Cole, Grace. 2nd  Row: Tatianna, Haias. 3rd Row: Jaiden, Maia, Carson, Ronnie. 4th Row:  Claudia, Emma, Emily. 5th Row:   Samantha, Kaia, Kaleigh, Traicy.

Chamberlin School’s Invention Convention

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Thursday April 11, 2013

Creative thinking was celebrated at Chamberlin School’s first Invention Convention, held on Monday, March 18 in the school gym.  Organized by teachers Karen Detterman and Jane Dall, students in grades 3-5 were invited to design, build, and exhibit an invention that could make life better, easier, or simply more fun.  At the convention, students eagerly explained and demonstrated their inventions, showcasing the creative problem solving that will be a necessary life skill as they continue their education and move into the workplace and a rapidly changing world. 

The Invention Convention challenged students to think outside the box as they came up with innovative solutions to common everyday problems.   They were inspired by Ben Taylor from ipCapital Group, Inc.  Mr. Taylor’s visit to Chamberlin motivated students with examples of well-known products in existence today that came about because of an individual’s belief that a solution to a problem could be found.   After building awareness of the many inventions we use every day,  Mr. Taylor led the students in a brainstorming activity to show how allowing ideas to flow and build off each other leads to divergent thinking and creative problem solving.

After submitting their design proposals, the young inventors worked at home to develop their ideas into actual products.  Some chose to work with a partner, and all students were encouraged to talk with others while planning their time, acquiring materials, and testing their inventions.  The evidence of this process was clearly displayed at The Invention Convention as many students exhibited proto-types of their inventions, explaining how trial and error eventually resulted in successful revisions to their original designs. 
Visitors to the convention included families, fellow students, and school staff.  Many were eager to try out the inventions themselves.  The room was filled with cheers and gasps of surprise and approval. Questions about inspiration and construction details were enthusiastically answered by the proud inventors.  While no description can match a live demonstration, we include a list of inventors and what they said about their creations:

5th Graders
Ronnie Corey, The Electric Fishing Reel “It reels in your fishing line so you don’t have to reel it in yourself.” 
Cole Gilder, The O- Bot “The light flashes in any type of emergency”
Maia Willey, The Cup Coat “It’s for multi-taskers.  It keeps drinks warm and keeps your hands warm, too.”
Tatianna Banus, The Back-O-Pillow “You can wear it like a backpack if you go camping or hiking. “

4th Graders
Haias Eriksson, The Multi Ketchup and Mustard Bottle “At birthday parties, you can do 3 hot dogs at once!”
Tony Reyes, The Limb Lifter “My grandfather asked me to invent this after he had a stroke and felt awkward moving his leg.”
Traicy Plaza & Kaleigh Plumeau, Terrific Non Smell Socks “Moms want this invention because they are always complaining about smelly socks!”
Grace Neudecker, The Personal Trash Chute “I built this so tissues can be thrown away without getting out of bed.”
Hailey Huny, The Babysitter Robot “It’s for new babysitters.  You tie the string around your waist and the baby follows the robot.”
Carson Asava, The Grabber 3000 “It’s for people who want to reach things that are too high for them. It works! ”

3rd Graders
Emma Mead & Claudia Edwards, El Dinner “It’s a more efficient way for a large family to get everything on the table for dinner.”
Jaiden Green,  The Swiss Army Hat “Everything that you need stays on your hat!”
Samantha Wilkinson and Kaia Wallis, Pull Cats “They’re a pet substitute for people who like cats but are allergic to them.”
 Emily Carpenter and Sydney LeBlanc,    The Automatic Lunch Box  “ It’s an icepack and heater in one.”

SOURCE: Holly Rouelle, Principal Chamberlain School