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Friday January 09, 2015

Thomas I. Chittenden has announced he is running for the South Burlington City Council this coming spring in order to assure continued civility and common sense in our local government. Chittenden grew up in South Burlington, went to school at South Burlington High School (Class of ’95) and has deep family roots in this city. He moved back to South Burlington from Essex Junction with his wife and three small children to raise his family in the town he grew up in and cares for dearly.

Chittenden has witnessed firsthand the evolution of this city over the last 30 years from his family home on Dorset Street. Now living in this multi-generational Chittenden homestead on Chittenden owned land dating back to the 1800’s, he has a deep seated interest in the future of South Burlington, and when elected will continue to embrace responsible growth that will benefit our current and future generations. He wants South Burlington to continue to move forward in a positive manner and to continue setting policy that will encourage more people to live, shop and work in South Burlington, Vermont.

His approach to city governance would be fiscally restrained. He believes that accomplishing city objectives can be done without increasing the tax burden to property owners. Creative partnerships and long term planning can align interests across area investors, residents and partners. Welcoming continued responsible growth to the city by fostering the City Center plan is a path that will broaden the tax base to support the South Burlington school system, keep the city economically vibrant and lower our property taxes.

Under the current leadership of the South Burlington City Council, Chittenden sees a bright future for this community. To continue on this path, he’s decided to run for office and will continue the collaborative problem-solving orientation of the current council. He will make himself accessible to anyone in the community wanting to be heard and reflect their concerns in his service.

Chittenden says he will bring an informed perspective on innovative new platforms to enhance city services including public transportation, business supported public space internet connectivity, enhanced online city services, and more technology enabled infrastructure/service enhancements that will position the city to improve services while controlling costs in the years to come.

Chittenden currently works as a lecturer in the School of Business Administration at the University of Vermont. He has many years of professional experience in information systems engineering and has a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He has served on many committees, with leadership responsibilities in both his professional roles and in the Vermont communities in which he has lived.