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Thursday January 24, 2013

Weeks and weeks of poring over globes and atlases came to a head this month at Christ the King School (CKS), where students competed in the 25th annual National Geographic Bee.  Each student in grades 5 through 8 was part of the preliminary round of questions during their social studies classes.  That round determined which ten students competed in the final round to win the right to represent Christ the King at state finals on April 5th. 

The school’s final round was held in the CKS gym in front of an enthusiastic student body.  Middle school teacher and Geography Club leader Dave Friedman was the score keeper and judge.  Associate Principal and South Burlington resident Odile Steel was the moderator, and asked the questions.  Students answered challenging oral and written questions on U.S. and world geography, continents, physical  and cultural geography, and more. 

SOURCE: Christ the King School