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Thursday June 02, 2016

The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s initiative called Main Street America promotes an organized approach to revitalizing communities; now, South Burlington has its very own iteration to address the development of City Center. The South Burlington City Center Collaborative (SB3C) has recently been developed as a community based volunteer group committed to promoting City Center. A community kickoff will be held Saturday, June 4, from 9 to 11:30 a.m. at City Hall on Dorset Street.

Four members of this newly formed organization were formally introduced to the city council at the May 2 meeting. The group is chaired Bob Britt, an independent business consultant and part time CFO. Also serving on the board are General Manager of the University Mall, Heather Tremblay; Carolyn Basiliere from the Veterans Administration and Earthback Coffee; and PJ Pfeifenberger, New York Life agent and past president of the South Burlington Rotary Club. Additional members include Eli Lesser-Goldsmith (Healthy Living), Tim Barden (Spotlight), Lainnie LaCroix (DoubleTree), and Tim Duff (Wiemann Lamphere Architects). Pfeifenberger, Duff, Basiliere, and Britt are South Burlington residents.

According to Britt, the Collaborative’s mission is “to support and promote a healthy, vibrant, bicycle and pedestrian friendly community that offers entertainment, shopping, services, and a gathering place for community members.” Using the Main Street model, the group is focusing on three areas to stimulate and support the City Center District as the downtown of South Burlington: building economic vitality, promotion, and design.

The group’s objectives include helping to enhance the future of City Center through a collaborative community effort representing the interests of businesses, property owners, organizations, residents, institutions and the City of South Burlington.

The group has created an organizing board as well as a set of by-laws and currently meets once or twice per month at City Hall; the Collaborative is not a city committee. As part of their upcoming launch event June 4, action teams will be created around the three focus areas of promotion, design, and economic vitality.

Britt said, “The event will include presentations by state and local experts on tactical urbanism, economic vitality, and community building. We are excited about the launch event because it will give the public the opportunity to be part of what is happening in the City Center District and to bring their ideas, talents and energy to bear on achieving the Collaborative’s mission.”

SOURCE: Corey Burdick, Correspondent