2014 City Council members (L to R) Meaghan Emery, Pat Nowak, City Manager Kevin Dorn, Pam Mackenzie, Pat Nowak, Helen Riehle and Chris Shaw.

City Council Organizes for the Year Ahead, Mackenzie Continues as Chair

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Thursday March 20, 2014

The placards urging residents to vote have been removed and the leaflets have stopped dotting mailboxes and doorsteps. With the March 4 election behind them, the new South Burlington City Council held their first organizational session Monday, March 17. The council welcomed its newest member Meaghan Emery, who was elected to a two year seat.  While Emery is the newest council member, she is not new to council life; Emery previously served as a councilor for four years, from 2008-2012. She joins Pam Mackenzie who was re-elected to council, this time to a three year seat, and veteran councilors Helen Riehle, Pat Nowak and Chris Shaw. 

With City Manager Kevin Dorn briefly presiding over the meeting, the election of the council officers was the first order of business. Chris Shaw nominated Pam Mackenzie to continue serving as chair, and Pat Nowak seconded. Meaghan Emery nominated Helen Riehle to become chair. Dorn called for the vote and Pam Mackenzie was elected chair in a  3-2 vote, with Meaghan Emery and Helen Riehle voting “nay.” 

Next, Emery nominated Riehle for the position of vice chair. Chris Shaw nominated Pat Nowak for the position. A vote was called and Pat Nowak was elected vice chair in a 3-2 vote. Meaghan Emery and Helen Riehle voted “nay.” Meaghan Emery was unanimously elected to the position of clerk after Pat Nowak’s nomination.

The council then began attending to the nuts and bolts of the year ahead. Regular meetings will continue to be held on Mondays at 7 p.m. and on Tuesdays when there is a Monday holiday. The Other Paper was designated the official paper of record and Merchants Bank will continue to be the official depository.  
As is customary, annual appointments also took place. The City Treasurer will be Tom Hubbard, City Attorney will be Jim Barlow, Zoning Administrator will be Ray Belair, Assistant Zoning Administrator will be Cathyann LaRose, First Constable will be Deputy Captain Paul Edwards, Second Constable will be Sgt. Andrew Chaulk, Grand Juror will be Kevin Dorn and City Agent and Trustee of Public Funds will also be Kevin Dorn. 

In addition, Helen Riehle nominated Pat Nowak to continue serving as the council representative  to the Pension Advisory Committee due to her solid knowledge on pension matters, Meaghan Emery seconded and the decision was unanimous. 

The Council will certainly have a busy year tending to city business, but council training is always a priority. Councilors’ suggestions for trainings included an open meeting law and record keeping refresher, conflict of interest policy instruction, council ‘process’ issues and a review of charter requirements, council meeting participation guidelines for both councilors and the public, and learning more about when charter changes are necessary. 

The Councilors’ new positions and contact information are posted on the city website, www.sburl.com. 

SOURCE: Corey Burdick