Above: Interim City Manager Kevin Dorn and Public Works Director Justin Rabidoux make a visit to Market Strteet with 5th graders from Rick Marcotte Central School. Inset: Emily (L) and Jasmine (R) connect with Mr. Dorn about Market Street concerns.

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Thursday May 09, 2013

It all began with a letter.  Fifth-grader Emily Coolidge wrote to Kevin Dorn, South Burlington’s Interim City Manager, beseeching the city to fix Market Street.  In the meantime, her classmate Jasmine Bombard, gathered a petition from friends and neighbors asking that action be taken to pave Market Street.  Mr. Dorn responded—not only by writing a response to Emily,  but by offering to visit the girls’ classroom.  Their exchange was published in the April 25 issue of The Other Paper. 

On April 30, Kevin Dorn and South Burlington’s Public Works Director Justin Rabidoux,  visited the girls’ classroom at Rick Marcotte Central School.  Mr. Rabidoux brought drafts of the Market Street Reconstruction Project and discussed this with the students.  An on-site visit of Market Street helped the students to understand the magnitude of the changes planned.  Mr. Dorn thanked the students for their interest in their community, commending and encouraging their citizenship.

Submitted by Bobbe Pennington RMC School