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Thursday July 10, 2014

CCRP Invests in Chamberlin Neighborhood, Transportation and Land Use Improvements

The Chittenden Regional Planning Commission is making significant investments in South Burlington in FY 2015. The grants – totaling $573, 000 - will help facilitate improvements in many areas of the community.

“These projects address critical needs in the community,” said Charlie Baker, Executive Director of the CCRPC. “They span a range of goals and address transportation system performance, land use and economic development, as well as a targeted look at area stormwater improvements. They are a huge step in the city’s advancement of its sustainability goals.”

Chamberlin Neighborhood/Airport Area

 Two planning grants have been awarded to help develop a vision and long-term strategy for the Chamberlin Neighborhood/Airport Area.  The Transportation and Land Use Planning Project  will address land use, transportation, and noise issues for the transition area between the Burlington International Airport and adjacent Chamberlin neighborhood, home to some of the city’s most affordable family housing and the Chamberlin Elementary School, according to a press release from the City of South Burlington.  

The VT Department of Housing and Community Development awarded the city $19,000 through the Municipal Planning Grant Program in December. $136,500 was  awarded to the project last month by  the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission. The news release states that the city will invest matching funds and staff time to guide the project through an open, inclusive, and community-based planning project.

“We’re thrilled to have received this support of the CCRPC and state for this critical project,” said South Burlington City Council Chair Pam Mackenzie. “Developing a neighborhood-based vision for the future of the Chamberlin neighborhood and its relationship to the airport is right at the top of our priority list as a community and city.”“Having these funds will allow the city to host an inclusive, productive, and very open project to develop long term strategies for the area,” added Kevin Dorn, City Manager. “The Chamberlin area has seen a lot of change in recent years. This is an incredible opportunity to craft a new relationship and future between two of our most valuable resources: one of most long-standing neighborhoods and the Airport.”The city reports that the following projects are also included for FY 2015.

The Williston Road Network Study - $150,000

This study will build upon work initiated in 2014 to complete a multi-level transportation and land use analysis of the primary corridors serving the City Center-plus area, resulting in the identification of improvement opportunities. 

The South Burlington Traffic Overlay District Ordinance - $31,500

Update proposes to revise or replace the current Traffic Overlay District, which is no longer consistent with the City’s Path to Sustainability efforts. In its place: A more dynamic tool that will allow for development while promoting transportation management enhancements by the private sector.

The South Burlington Connecting the Gaps Sidewalk Scoping Study - $50,000

This study will complete the preliminary scoping of several recreation path/sidewalk projects identified within the city’s Capital Improvement Plan. This scoping will include an analysis of existing infrastructure, communication with stakeholders, and recommendations for improvements. 

The Multi-Site Stormwater Infrastructure Scoping Assessment - $78,000

This assessment will combine the preliminary scoping of several needed stormwater improvements to roadways and development in existing neighborhoods. Each site has been identified as having existing or emerging stormwater concerns, directly affecting local and regional water quality and potential for flood damage to public and private properties. 

The Interstate 89 Exit 14 Corridors Adaptive Signal Control Project - $127,000

This project will develop a plan to deploy a traffic signal system for the I-89 Exit 14 Corridors area in South Burlington and Burlington, including performance of a simulation analysis of the potential performance benefits of its use. 

“We are pleased to move forward with these projects,” said Mackenzie. “The CCRPC has been pivotal in securing the funding and technical assistance necessary for these advancements, which will allow the City to address a wide range of improvement areas – all of which will directly and positively impact our community in a lasting way.”