196 South Burlington volunteers collected 5.48 tons which included 62 tires (.67 tons)and about equal amounts of metal(2.28 tons) and trash (2.53 tons).

Clean & Green: Green Up Day 2013

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Thursday May 16, 2013

Green Up Day, May 4, 2013 brought beautiful sunny skies, above normal warm temperatures, and most importantly, many litter pickers. They came as individuals, as groups and teams, as families, and as friends and neighbors. Vermonters came out off their cabins, homes, schools, businesses and churches. The spirit of cleaning up the state was akin to the best maple sap flow one could wish upon our communities. Scattering about streets and sidewalks, parks and fields, trails and woodlands, streams and rivers, lakes and ponds, folks searched for and retrieved trash and treasure. The Earth, here in Vermont rejoiced! Visit my web site posting “Green Up Day Photos 2013 South Burlington VT to view more photos of a few of the Green Up Day participants, all smiling broadly. 

Now the second green up begins. Mother Nature laid more summer-like temperatures on us.  Much needed rain commenced on May 8, followed by more sunshine the next day. Early in the morning, I looked out my window and watched tree buds unfold into leaves, painting the landscape. An artist using a sable brush and a pallet of multiple shades of green could not fill a blank backdrop so quickly or with such splendor. Our long hedge of lilacs offers their perfumed scent enticing us to them as much as they entice the bees. Nature’s wildlife cries out to the litter pickers “We knew you would come through for us!” They invite us all too once again step outside together to celebrate Green Up II, natures offering of beauty, new life, and wonder abound. 

Enjoy Green Up II through May with vegetable, flower, bush, and tree plantings. You worked to make Vermont Green and Clean, now get out and enjoy all that nature has to offer. 

SOURCE: Bernie Paquette, contributor

Along with his Green and Clean column, Bernie Paquette, of South Burlington, publishes Litter with a Story to Tell: short stories, essays and photos inspiring people to maintain a litter-free environment. Bernie’s web site is http://www.litterwithastorytotell.blogspot.com/