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Thursday June 16, 2016

At its June 7 community outreach forum, the Chamberlin Neighborhood Airport Planning Committee (CNAPC) presented a list of final neighborhood enhancement recommendations that will be presented to the city council.

An active committee since April 2015, the 15-member working group appointed by city council has been collaborating with consultants, city and regional planning staff, and the public, on how to revitalize the neighborhood with transportation and civic enhancements. Additionally, the committee has been focused on how to strengthen the relationship between the neighborhood and airport as well as improving communication pathways and institutional arrangements.

This was the third and final community outreach meeting hosted by the CNAPC at Chamberlin School. Nearly 30 residents, not including committee members and staff, came to investigate the proposed neighborhood improvements. After a welcome statement from Carmine Sargent, committee chair, and brief introductions from committee members, Sargent passed the microphone over to committee member George Maille, who reviewed the work of the noise subcommittee which was established in January under CNAPC.

Noise Subcommittee

The noise subcommittee is charged with dealing with the subject of airport noise as an issue separate from the original CNAPC charge, Maille explained. Maille chairs the subcommittee and is joined by other committee members, including Sargent, Kim Robison, Marc Companion, and Linda Brakel. The subcommittee has met every two weeks to devise a series of recommendations.

These are noise subcommittee recommendations made for CNAPC and/or the city council to consider going forward:

1. Participate in the FAA Noise Compatibility Program (time-sensitive)
2. Provide education on the Sound Insulation Program (time-sensitive issue)
3. Study the health effects of noise
4. Conduct noise monitoring and assessment
5. Develop noise mitigation strategies
6. Conduct land use planning and zoning
7. Develop a community emergency plan
8. Form an Airport Noise Advisory Commission: this would survive the current Noise Subcommittee to conduct on-going monitoring and assessing of airport noise, research mitigation methods, educate the community, receive and report noise complaints to the airport, and research how other communities handle airport noise.

CNAPC Recommendations

Bob Chamberlin of Resource Systems Group Inc. identified 11 short-term recommendations, eight medium-term recommendations, and two long-term recommendations. Depending on the recommendation, funding sources include local, neighborhood, city transportation budget, Vermont Agency of Transportation, Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission Transportation Improvement Program, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Burlington International Airport, homeowners and property owners.

The results are based heavily on positive feedback from CNAPC members and the public, but they were also influenced by project readiness, professional opinion (city staff and consultants), identified project leadership, and estimated cost. After reviewing these in a formal presentation, the audience participated in poster sessions where they were able to ask questions and share their opinions verbally, through an evaluation sheet, or sticky notes attached to posters.

Neighborhood recommendations - Short-term priorities (zero to three year implementation)

The following are on the short-term priority list: portable radar speed signs (city has these available, no cost); crosswalk-durable materials on White Street at Airport Parkway; crosswalk-durable materials on Patchen Road at Jaycee Park; on-road bike lanes on White Street, Patchen Road, Airport Drive, Airport Parkway and White to Lime Kiln (city will soon own a striping tool to create lanes); whimsical crosswalks; neighborhood welcome signs; front porch zoning.

Medium-term priorities (three to seven-year implementation)

The following are on the medium-term list: Williston Road crosswalk with median island; overland paths, centennial boardwalk; fences and hedges in the public Right-of-Way; Airport Parkway sidewalk; Pocket Parks at vistas to mountains; White Street sidewalk; and pedestrian-scale lighting.

Long-term priorities (seven years or more)

The following are on the long-term list: Airport Drive reconstruction and a multi-use trail through the acquisition land.
Lower Priority Improvements

Although not directly addressed at the outreach meeting, there are other concepts the committee has considered, but they were not listed as a high priority, and therefore not included in the formal list of recommendations. Some of these include: protected bicycle lanes (White Street and Patchen Road); Airport Parkway sidewalk from White Street to Kirby Road; painted streets; suggestion streets/shared streets; mini-roundabouts; traffic calming through medians, pinch points, etc.; curb modifications for corner definition, refuge islands; Patrick and Elizabeth Street options; fitness trail; miniature museum/lending library; and birdhouses and bat houses.

An Ongoing Committee

For the long-term, the goal is to create a committee that will survive the work of CNPAC to continue advocating for the neighborhood’s best interests. Members have discussed structure, and they decided that the future committee should be neighborhood-based; this could serve more as a general purpose resident/neighborhood association or an organization focused on a specific implementation area.

Want to be a part of an ongoing committee for forming a neighborhood issues group or discussing items such as the neighborhood welcome signs? Contact Director of Planning and Zoning Paul Conner or City Planner Cathyann LaRose at 802-846-4106, or Lee Krohn, Regional Planning Commission, at 846-4490, extension 30.

More about the Committee

The full list of CNAPC members include: Carmine Sargent (Area 3, committee chair), Tracey Harrington (Planning Commission Representative), Pat Nowak (Airport Commission – South Burlington Representative), Karsten Schlenter (South Burlington School District Appointee), Walden Rooney (Area 1), Greg Severance (Area 1), Linda Brakel (Area 2), Marc Companion (Area 2), Lisa LaRock (Area 2), George Maille (Area 3), Kim Robison (Area 3), John Simson (Greater South Burlington Area), Patrick Clemins (Greater South Burlington Area), Bill Keough (Burlington Representative – Airport Commission), and Dave Hartnett (City of Burlington Appointee).

The committee has been working closely with South Burlington planning staff and CCRPC staff, as well as its team of consultants: lead consultant Bob Chamberlin of Resource System Groups Inc.; Carole Schlessinger and Skip Smallridge of Crosby, Schlessinger, and Smallridge LLC (CSS), and Juli Beth Hinds of Orion Planning & Design. The committee is funded on both the city and regional level.

CNPAC will hold its final meeting on Thursday, June 16 at 6:30 p.m. at the South Burlington Police Station on Gregory Drive. CNAPC will be complete by June 30, so it will have a final report and recommendations this month to present to the city council and planning commission. The report and recommendations will also be shared with the Mayor of Burlington, Burlington City Council and the Director of Aviation at Burlington International Airport.

SOURCE: Miranda Jonswold, Correspondent