Pictured from left to right: SB Legislators Helen Head, Michele Kupersmith and Ann Pugh, Lisa Bedinger ( Coordinator of the SB Community Justice Center), and Sue Deacon (SB CJC Volunteer). Not pictured are Volunteers Talia Glesner and Alen Cahtarevic.

Community Justice Center Volunteers at the Statehouse

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Thursday April 12, 2012

Recently,  volunteers and staff at the SB Community Justice Center (SB CJC) joined representatives from Community Justice Centers (CJC) throughout VT to visit the Statehouse to inform legislators about their work to address crimes and conflict that occur in our communities. The SB CJC is a program of the City of SB and the SB Police Department. The SB CJC is funded by the VT Department of Corrections and is a member of the Community Justice Network of Vermont (www.cjnvt.org). The Center serves the South Burlington community by providing opportunities to address crime and conflict as a community, at the local level, through a restorative justice approach.

Restorative justice focuses on making amends and repairing relationships when harm occurs through collaborative decision-making involving the people affected. Relationships are rebuilt and the community is stronger when victims, affected parties, offenders, and community members have a role in addressing crimes and issues that affect our safety and well-being. Restorative justice accesses the wisdom of the people most impacted and often rebuilds trust when it is destroyed.

Currently more than 15 community volunteers are integral to the following South Burlington Community Justice Center programs: Reparative Boards & Restorative Conferences, Victim Support Conflict Resolution, and Community Dialogue & Crime Prevention.

SOURCE:  Lisa Bedinger