A face that is sure to be missed at the high school, Tim Wile closes out his career with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Compassion and Connection: SBHS Guidance Director Tim Wile Retires

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Thursday June 14, 2018

For the past 20 years, Tim Wile has been a part of the guidance department at South Burlington High School (SBHS). This year is his last at SBHS as he retires at the end of the school year. Noting that he felt this was the right time to retire, because Principal Patrick Burke has returned, Wile says he feels that the guidance department is in very good hands.

Wile has been working in the mental health field and with children for a long time. Prior to working at SBHS, he had a private mental health practice for 15 years. Wile explains he was drawn to the South Burlington School District because while in private practice, he worked with a lot of students who struggled in school and one of the schools that he was most impressed by in terms of how they worked with students was SBHS. When Wile found out that there was an open position at SBHS to work with high risk students, he says he jumped at the opportunity.

When Wile first came to the district, he was a school counselor, then he became a lead counselor. For the last 15 years, he has held the position of guidance director. He was involved in the forming of advisories, the SLAM (Student Leadership Advisory Meeting) program, and is known to be a tireless advocate for students. This year, Wile was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Vermont School Counselor Association. The award recognizes Wile as an outstanding counselor who has made a difference in young people’s lives.

For Wile, SBHS has been a very enjoyable place for him to work. He reports appreciation for his work with the students and families and describes his colleagues as “stellar.” Acknowledging the many changes over his past 20 years at SBHS in terms of its structure and how students are educated, he says, “It has been fun being involved in making school a better place for students to be.”

Upon retirement, Wile expresses he will miss his colleagues and the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with students, as well as being able to see students as they transition from teens to adulthood. He feels that it is “an incredible gift when people share their personal experiences with him,” and knows he is leaving SBHS with a vast array of stories from people who took the chance to be open with him.

Wile has left a lasting impression on the school’s guidance department and the SBHS community as a whole. Gayle Eustis, a colleague of Wile says, “Tim’s enthusiasm, compassion, and desire to connect with students and staff alike is contagious. He leads by example which makes the guidance department an incredible place to work. To say he will be missed is an understatement.”


SOURCE: Zaneta Sulley, SBHS CDC Correspondent