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Thursday May 03, 2012

Vermont’s dairy cows are in training and the cookie dough is almost ready to roll out, as organizers finalize plans for what may well be a world record-setting milk ‘n cookies event.

The Great Cookie Dunk, scheduled during Burlington’s 27th annual Kids Day on Saturday, May 12, in Battery Park, will benefit Make-A-Wish® Vermont and give participants a chance to make history.

“We’re hoping for a world’s record, but our main goal is to have a lot of fun and support a great cause,” says Leslie Williams, interim CEO of Make-A-Wish® Vermont.

The goal is to register 1,500 participants on site. Registrants will then be given a “Dunking Kit” that includes a carton of donated Hood milk and a cookie made special for the occasion by Tipped Cow Cookies of Georgia, VT.

The milk is provided by HP Hood through its Vermont dairy suppliers, in cooperation with the main event sponsor, Keep Local Farms, “and courtesy of every Vermont dairy cow within a hundred miles,” jokes Gary Wheelock of Keep Local Farms.

“As the main event sponsor, we hope to reinforce the commitment of Vermont dairy farmers to our state and the health of its citizens,” says Wheelock.  “We also recognize that groups like Make-a-Wish need our support and we know our farm families especially have a warm spot for Make-a-Wish children.”

Besides Keep Local Farms, Hood and Tipped Cow Cookies, event sponsors include Burlington Area Newspaper Group (BANG), Star 92.9, American Meadows, White River Paper Co., Cabot, King Arthur Flour, Alliance Mechanical, Christ the King School (Rutland), Vermont Country Store, Midas, Carris Reels, Hampton Direct, Simplex Grinnell, and Hanson & Doremus.

The high point of the day will be the Great Cookie Dunk, organized with an eye on capturing a world’s record. Plans call for a giant ‘virtual’ cookie to be lowered into a giant glass of simulated milk, as participants dip their cookies into milk.

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SOURCE:  Make-A-Wish® Vermont