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Thursday March 31, 2016

City council officially approved the Land Development Regulations (LDRs) and the official map at its March 21 meeting. The LDRs are the city’s zoning and subdivision regulations.

That same night, council hosted its first public hearing under the newly adopted City Center Form Based Code. Cathedral Square proposed to apply to the Vermont Community Development Program for funding assistance to support a 35 unit affordable senior housing development in City Center. Council unanimously voted to approve a resolution authorizing the application by the city to the Vermont Community Development program for such purpose.

The amendments include:

City Center Regulations/Form Based Codes

Establish City Center Form Based Codes District to replace Central Districts 1-4, Design Districts 1-3, and portions of C1-R12 and R4 Districts

Establish Inclusionary Housing requirements in the City Center Form Based Codes area

Establish Street Typologies

Low Impact Development Stormwater Standards

Zoning District changes (in addition to City Center Form Based Code District)

Minor adjustment to boundary of Industrial-Open Space and SEQ-NR Districts

Residential and Commercial Stretch Energy Code

Review Process and Administrative Authority, Development Review Process, and applicability of review standards

Administrative responsibilities and actions: technical review, traffic, minor applications, appeals, certifications of occupancy

PUD/Site Plan standards and review process

Plan approval and permit expiry modifications

Reasonable Accommodation to Ensure Reasonable Access to Housing; Group Homes

Definitions, Uses, and Minor Amendments, and Technical Corrections

General revisions to definitions

Revisions/adjustments to table of uses

Consolidate application submission requirements

Minor/technical revisions: location of Traffic Overlay Zone 3; landscaping applicability in structured parking; duplicate and conflicting height standard in the Southeast Quadrant; composting facilities; accessory structures on structures on through-lots, tree selection standards; parking for studio/1 bedroom units

City council, after its February review session of the LDRs, also proposed to make updates to “Appendix F, Open Space Requirements,” amend all references in the document from “mew” to “pedestrian pass” and to amend the document for small typographical, grammatical, or consistency errors. These amendments were reviewed and approved by the planning commission in time for the March 21 public hearing.