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Thursday June 20, 2013

Monday night’s City Council meeting displayed a prime example of civic engagement resulting in action. During the public comment portion of the agenda, resident and former Chair of the Council, Bill Cimonetti, read and presented a letter to the Council regarding their position on the basing of the F-35 in South Burlington. 

Cimonetti mentioned the Council meeting of May 21, 2012 and said that at that meeting, the Council voted 4-1 in opposition to the basing of the F-35 in South Burlington. He said the meeting caught him off guard although it was properly warned. Coverage of this debate hasn’t only been concentrated in local news outlets, he pointed out, but has spread nationally, most notably in The Boston Globe. The “simplistic voicing of South Burlington” in opposition, has repeatedly appeared, Cimonetti said. His request to the Council was that they hold a public meeting to “see if last year’s vote reflects this year’s position.”This request was added to “other business” and discussed at the end of the meeting. Most Councilors, with the exception of Helen Riehle, agreed that this was a good idea and set a date of July 8 at 6 p.m. to hold the meeting. Rosanne Greco recommended holding the public meeting at Chamberlin School so that those who will be most impacted by the presence of the F35 will be able to attend more easily. Kevin Dorn was charged in researching which venues would be available that evening and the exact location will be properly warned.    


SOURCE: Corey Burdick, Correspondent