South Burlington High School students leave their mark through colorful crosswalk art. 

Crosswalk in Style

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Thursday June 22, 2017

Last week, recent South Burlington High School (SBHS) graduate Ali Barritt had more than graduation on her mind, there was paint, too. The community-minded Barritt is responsible for the pops of color gracing crosswalks in South Burlington, starting with locations at the high school, and soon to come, the University Mall. According to Barritt, the outdoor art project was initiated last August in collaboration with City Hall when she was asked to recruit students and community members to paint designs on city crosswalks.

“I put aside a lot of time this year meeting with the art teachers to see if they had any students who would be interested in making designs,” says Barritt. She then made presentations about the project to SBHS visual arts teacher Kimberly Kimball’s class. Kimball gave the assignment of creating crosswalk designs to her students. Barritt selected the designs to be painted, advertised the event, set and reset the painting date due to rainy weather, and procured the paint.

The two crosswalks that were painted Saturday, June 10, at SBHS, feature a mountain and a pond design. The mountain crosswalk was designed by sophomore Teresa O’Leary. It features bright triangular shapes that together create a modern mountainous landscape topped by a burst of yellow sun. The pond crosswalk was designed by junior Ashleigh Schell. Its swirling water theme features blues with colorful aquatic features.

Barritt reports that the project has been “amazing.” As she noted in her pitch to garner community interest, “Come join the fun! Because wouldn’t it be cool to be able to point to something in your community, and say, ‘I did that’?”

Now that she has donned the cap and gown and graduated, Barritt is back to work. She is currently recruiting volunteers to paint a crosswalk by the University Mall. Anyone interested in joining the fun can contact Barritt at