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Thursday July 19, 2012

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the VT House of Representatives serving the Chittenden 7-4 district as a Republican.  As a 12th generation Vermonter who has lived in South Burlington for the past ten years, I can truly say I understand Vermont and the many challenges its residents face.  I, like most Vermonters, am concerned with the current political climate of our State and our Nation—one of disagreement and politically motivated stalemates where good legislation is often prevented from being acted upon.  While I believe that the best way to get Vermont back on track is to support initiatives that spur business growth and stability, I do not believe that this can only be accomplished if we put the needs of businesses ahead of their employees.

As an entrepreneur, I have established and managed several small businesses from the ground up and I can appreciate the satisfaction felt when hard work pays off.  I embrace the many positive qualities Vermont has to offer businesses and residents and I believe that with common sense and dedication, all Vermonters can have the opportunity to achieve their own success.  As a resident and business owner, I am keenly aware of the seemingly never ending upward spiral of business, income and property taxes.

My successes and accomplishments, however, have not always come easily.  I have encountered many of the challenges that some Vermonters face each day.  While self-employed, I have been subjected to crushing out-of-pocket healthcare costs to provide benefits for my family.  When employed by others, I was laid off twice by former employers due to difficult economic conditions.  I have found myself right where many are today – relying on government programs for income support and health benefits for my family.

Having been a business owner, I am fully aware that hard work and dedication is the key to business success and to future growth.  I also understand what it means to be in need of a helping hand.  I believe I bring a well-rounded and realistic understanding of what types of legislation the State should be pursuing to make Vermont’s economic future stronger.  I wish to use my knowledge and experience to promote business friendly policies tapered with thoughtfully considered programs that will ease the burdens on Vermont’s citizens.  Through this approach, any resident willing to contribute to Vermont’s success and prosperity will be given the support and assistance necessary to insure they are able to live and succeed in Vermont.

If you would like to share your thoughts/concerns or become involved in my campaign, I can be reached via email at

SOURCE: Tim Cutler