Dabroski, as Director of Music is charged with developing a school of music at Burlington college.

Dabroski Appointed Director of Music at Burlington College

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Wednesday November 27, 2013

Burlington College has announced that they have recently appointed violinist Michael Dabroski as Director of Music to develop a school of music. Dabroski, who is a familiar face in the South Burlington community, continues as Co-Artistic Director and Violinist with the chamber music group Burlington Ensemble; “Making Music with a Social Mission” providing year-round high quality chamber music while supporting local non-profits that benefit families and community.  Burlington Ensemble has also been named Artists-in-Residence at the College. Dabroski says, “I am deeply honored to be offered the opportunity to create a music program at an institution with a social mission at its core.” 

The program will offer a unique combination of technical music training along with a curriculum that includes music entrepreneurship, music activism, and music appreciation; helping students graduate as collaborative and employable artists with sustainable careers.  Dabroski hopes to add to the College’s legacy of strengthening community while achieving the highest musical standards.    

“For my part I am excited to shape the future of music with relevance and purpose, and support students to do the extraordinary,” said Dabroski. 

President Christine Plunkett smiles when she speaks of Dabroski. “Michael inspires others through his music and his commitment to strengthening the community. His work to create an innovative music program will complement our current programs - filmmakers can learn how to write a score for videos, human services students can use music in their work with clients, and aspiring musicians can learn how to build a financially stable business that can be relevant in today’s world.”   

As Artists in Residence at Burlington College, Burlington Ensemble will perform at college events throughout the year, and will periodically host open rehearsals at the college.