Members of Girl Scout Troop 30074 with horses Axel, Scotty and Tucker, and with Erin Longworth, owner of Erin Longworth Performance Horses.

Daisy Troop Respectfully ‘Horses Around’

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Thursday April 19, 2012

Saturday afternoon, with monies earned from their cookie sales efforts, Girl Scout Daisy Troop 30074 from Chamberlin Elementary School (Alexis, Isabelle, Jenaya, Jennifer, Lindsay, Mia, Michaela, Miranda, and Samara) traveled on a field trip to the Erin Longworth Performance Horses (ELPH) West View Stables, a 50+ acre training/boarding facility in Milton.

Wearing their pink cowgirl hats and bandannas and their Girl Scout tunics, the girls were very anxious to get into the barn and meet the horses.

Before the afternoon’s activities started, Renata Branicki, of ELPH, covered basic safety rules and gave the girls a quick tour of the barn. Next the girls participated in a scavenger hunt to find a horse’s missing blue bell boot. Within minutes the boot was discovered using team work.

Next up were the lessons on anatomy and proper grooming.

With ‘Buzz’ in the crossties, the Daisy’s were eager to begin. The anatomy lesson was first and within 30 minutes the girls were able to identify the following parts: withers, back, loin, croup, dock, tail, point of buttocks, buttocks, hindquarters, sheath, barrel, belly, mane, forelock, crest, poll, face, muzzle, chin, chin groove, throttle, chest, shoulder, forearm, chestnut, and hoof. The Daisies were each given a grooming brush with instructions on how to properly groom a horse. Everyone took turns brushing Buzz’s body, tail and mane. Once Buzz was all cleaned-up the girls were split up into 3 groups of 3 and assigned to different horses (Axel, Scotty and Tucker) to test out their new grooming techniques.

When the horses were all groomed, the Daisies were given a lesson by ELPH owner Erin Longworth on how to tack up a western saddle and how to put on a bridle. Once the horses were tacked up the group headed down to the indoor arena where the Daisies were shown how to properly mount and dismount a horse.

Each group took turns riding the horse they were assigned too. Even Daisy troop leader Donna Kaczmarek, facing her fears, hopped on Axel for a ride.

The Daisy Girl Scouts were all smiles throughout the day as they were responsible, respectful, listening and learning.  Each will earn their ‘Respecting Myself & Others’ and ‘Respecting Authority’ petals for their efforts leading up to and during the field trip.

SOURCE: ELPH & Daisy Troop 30074