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Defense Department Announces Missile Defense Siting Study

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Thursday September 19, 2013

The Vermont National Guard received notification from the Missile Defense Agency on Thursday, September 12th that the Department of Defense (DoD) has initiated a study to evaluate five candidate sites in the continental United States for the potential future deployment of additional ground-based interceptors.

Sites selected were:

Fort Drum, New York

Camp Ethan Allen Training Site, Vermont

Naval Air Station Portsmouth SERE Training Area, Maine

Camp Ravenna Joint Training Center, Ohio

Fort Custer Training Center, Michigan

“Camp Ethan Allen Training Site was one of five sites chosen by the Missile Defense Agency; a site survey will occur at each location to assess its suitability,” said Colonel Michael Heston, Deputy Adjutant General, “a small team of DoD personnel will conduct surveys to assess the infrastructure to include electric power supply, water resources, and transportation access of the location.”

The Missile Defense Agency plans to identify three new sites where a formal Environmental Impact Statement will be conducted to ultimately identify a preferred location.  This is all preliminary and no final decisions have been made.

For further information, contact Mr. Rick Lehner, Director of PA at the Missile Defense Agency, at or 703 571-8212