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Thursday July 19, 2012

While students are occupied with summer reading, swimming, camps, and family time, the SB School District is gearing up for another round of hiring. The following hires have been discussed during June and July School Board meetings. Several of these hires have been in the district for years and others are fresh faces in the city.


Laura Bonazinga, .60 FTE Speech Language Pathologist—Bondazinga will return after spending a year as a speech language pathologist for the district. She previously worked as a Speech Language Pathologist at the Hinesburg Community School and has her own business, Vermont Speech Language Pathology LLC. She earned her Speech Language Pathology degree from the University of Vermont.

High School

Linda Barnes .20 FTE Guidance Counselor—Barnes has previously been the Director of Enrollment and First Year Students at Rice Memorial High School and the Support Ed Director at Winooski. Barnes earned her M.A. in School Guidance at Goddard College.

Kerry D’Ambroise, 1.0 FTE Special Education Teacher—D’Ambroise returns to the position for another year. She has experience as a part-time special educator and has also been a JV field hockey and lacrosse coach. She earned her M. Ed. in Special Education at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.

Hannah Dransfield, 1.0 FTE Language Arts Teacher—Dransfield returns to the high school, but she’s taking on .60 FTE of Joyce Sheehey’s leave of absence for one year. Her .40 FTE is permanent. Prior to SBHS, she was a Language Arts teacher at Randolph Union High School. She earned her M.Ed. in Secondary Education—Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Vermont.

Nissa Kauppila, .50 FTE Technology Education Teacher—Kauppila returns to work for the district for another year. Like Troidl, she will also be teaching technology education.

Philip Surks, 1.0 FTE Curriculum Area Supervisor for Science—Surks fills a crucial position left by the legacy of former CAS Marion Voorheis. Surks served Champlain Valley Union High School since 2001 and earned both an M.S. and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Tufts University in the early 90s. “It was pretty scary. I was leaving a place where I was happy for a long time,” Surks said, but that “a lot of people [colleagues] were looking out for me.”

Surks will also be teaching two sections of physics, and there will be a position open for AP Biology, the course Voorheis taught for years, and Surks is working with Voorheis this summer to learn the ropes. “I’m excited about it,” he said.

FH Tuttle Middle School

Terry Close, 1.0 FTE Speech Language Pathologist—Close has been with the district since 2010 as a private contractor. She will be filling the 1.0 FTE retirement of Christy LaMora. Close is also a private contractor in the Addison Central Supervisory Union. She earned her M.A. in Communication Science Disorders from the University of Vermont.

Brian Geraghty, .50 FTE Social Studies Teacher—Geraghty returns to the position for another year. He earned his M. Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction at New England College in New Hampshire.

Heather Horrigan, .20 FTE Endeavor Mathematics Teacher—Horrigan returns for the 2012–2013 year. She earned her M. Ed. in Special Education at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.

Karola Troidl, .20 FTE Technology Education Teacher—Troidl has been with the district for years and will be returning as a technology education teacher.

Chamberlin School

Jennifer Boudreau, .50 FTE Elementary Teacher—Boudreau has been with the district since 1998, but this year she is coming back for a full-time position.

Laura Payson, .50 FTE Reading Recovery Teacher—Payson has been with the district for years and will be replacing Julie Graham who is taking a partial leave of absence.

Michelle Soules, .10 FTE Physical Education Teacher—Soules has also been working for the district for years and will be returning as a physical education teacher.

“This has been a pretty significant hiring period prior to the end of the school year,” School Board Member Elizabeth Fitzgerald said during a recent Board meeting. Internal hires are made under three rules in the SBSD Teacher Hiring Guidelines: (1) When less than a 50 percent position and an existing teacher is a good option, (2) When a “One Year Only” teacher has done an excellent job, and (3) With superintendent or designee authorization. The guideline sent out by Superintendent David Young is a rough framework, he said, and that the board will be mindful about the hiring process, particularly inclusiveness (giving both internal and external candidates opportunities), diversity, and looking for qualities they need to advance the district. All new hires approved by the board after July 15 are one year only.

SOURCE: Miranda Jonswold, Correspondent