Top to bottom, clockwise: Annemarie Adams, Carol McQuillen, Claire Buckley, Terry Close, Rosemary Holloway, and Pamela Van De Graaf

District Honors Retiring Staff

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Thursday June 22, 2017

From the elementary level to the nutrition services department, South Burlington School District’s many professionals are often part of the school system for decades, creating not only a lasting impression on parents and students alike, but on the community as a whole. While awards are given at convocation, which takes place in late August, to recognize staff members’ ten, 20, and even 30 years of service to the district, retiring teachers and staff are honored at their individual schools at the end of the academic year.

Near the end of each school year, the school board begins receiving notification of upcoming retirements. Board members often reflect back to when they themselves or their children had those teachers in school. This year, as of mid-June, there were a number of retirements of teachers and staff who have dedicated life-long careers to students in South Burlington.

Orchard School sees the departure of first grade teachers, Annemarie Adams, after 31 years, as well as Carol McQuillen who was with the district for 24 years. Music teacher Rosemary Holloway will be retiring from Central School after 31 years. At Chamberlin School, second grade teacher Pamela Van De Graaf retires after 25 years. The high school will be losing Karen Couillard, who has been a world languages teacher for 28 years. Finally, district wide speech language pathologist Terry Close will be departing after five years as well as librarian Claire Buckley after 27 years of service.

SOURCE: Corey Burdick, Correspondent