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Friday November 06, 2015

Cyclists and pedestrians, the South Burlington Bike and Pedestrian Committee needs your help. For the next several months, starting with South Burlington’s southwest quadrant on November 11 at 5:30 at City Hall, residents are invited to meet with the committee to let them know what bicycle and pedestrian issues you see in your neighborhood. Are there gaps in the existing recreation path that concern you? Do you feel that pedestrian signals are helpful and working appropriately? 

South Burlington’s southwest quadrant includes the entire Shelburne Road corridor as well as several neighborhoods on either side. It stretches from Lake Champlain on the west side, including Red Rocks Park and Queen City Park, Bartlett Bay, and Holmes Road neighborhoods, to Spear Street on the east side, including Swift Street, Allen Road, the Orchards, and Stonehedge, among others.
The Bike and Pedestrian Committee meetings will focus on a different quadrant each month. If you cannot make it to the meeting specific to your location, residents are always welcome to come to any meeting, or they can contact members of the Bike and Pedestrian Committee. Future meetings with corresponding quadrants are on December 16 (NW Quadrant), January 13 (NE Quadrant), and February 10 (SE Quadrant).

Another great way to make your voice heard on matters involving transportation issues is to visit the CCRPC Active Transportation map at
In addition, keep in mind SeeClickFix, a communications platform for citizens to report non-emergency issues. It is a website/application that residents of South Burlington can use to alert the Department of Public Works (DPW) of issues with sidewalks, roads, shrubs/trees that need to be trimmed, etc. DPW regularly checks the site and comments directly with the city’s planned response. It is an easy way to report non-emergency issues. If, for instance, a sidewalk has been damaged by construction traffic or ice expansion over the winter, SeeClickFix is a great way to report the issue. If, however, the streetlights at the corner of Dorset Street and Williston Road are out, that would be something to report to the police and DPW.  

SOURCE: Dana Farr, Secretary, Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee