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Thursday April 28, 2016

A new location is being proposed for the city’s dog park. 

At the Chamberlin Neighborhood Airport Planning Committee (CNAPC) on April 12, Deputy City Manager Tom Hubbard and Public Works Director Justin Rabidoux discussed a 2 acre lot at Dumont Ave and North Henry Court as a possible new location for the dog park .

The existing dog park sits on 1.4 acres on the Kirby Street Extension off of Airport Parkway. The site is known to be a wet, and often unsafe location for visitors and pets. The parking lot is frequently flooded and ices over in the winter, and the high water table eliminates stormwater infiltration as a possible solution, Rabidoux and Hubbard explained.

Even though the proposed location is much drier, stormwater isn’t the only reason for the move. The five-year lease agreement made with the City of Burlington for the land expired in 2015. A longer agreement would be put into place for the new location.

“We’re hoping for at least a 10 year lease,” Hubbard said.

Furthermore, the existing location, which includes a public road and a public park abutting the airport fence line, poses a regulatory problem for the airport under the FAA.

“They’re [the airport] committed to working with us and local FAA reps to do as much as possible to make this happen,” Rabidoux said.

Other perks of the relocation include better parking and accessibility.

“We think given the dead end nature at North Henry Court, that this is a better intersection for people to come and leave from,” Rabidoux said. “You can also come out the other way at the top of White Street, off of Dumont.”

There are two properties adjacent to the proposed site, but those homes are under or in the process of being under contract according to the airport, Rabidoux said.

Currently, this location rests as a proposal and no action has been taken. If the community agrees that this is a desirable site, then the city would entertain public feedback. The city would also continue discussions with the airport and go through the local zoning permit process before starting any sort of construction. The existing fencing and water spigot would move to the new location. The city is also speaking with a design firm.

All CNAPC members present agreed that the new site was an upgrade and asked questions about current usage and possible configuration of the new site. CNAPC Chair Carmen Sargent suggested trying to “include the population, not just dog owners,” with amenities such as benches, that could be used by all.

Rabidoux concluded that they may be able to return soon with a pre-application design to share with the committee, pending City Manager Kevin Dorn’s authorization to do minor design work.

SOURCE: Miranda Jonswold, Correspondent