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Thursday March 15, 2012

The proposed academic calendar for South Burlington’s 2012-13 school year was presented to the School Board by Superintendent David Young at the March 7 meeting, drawing comments about potential disruptions springing from planned early release days for the city’s elementary schools.

The proposed calendar contains nine early release days for elementary school students. Pupils are to be dismissed at 1:20 p.m. During the same period, the Middle School and the High School also have the same number of late start times, with classes kicking off at 9:40 a.m.

School Board members and a parent, who asked not to be identified, who attended the meeting pointed out that disruptions caused by the early release days for elementary school students, and in some cases, the middle school’s and high school’s late start times impact working parents’ schedules. Young said teachers and staff will participate in in-service training during those early and late release days.

Young pressed for the Board to adopt the calendar at the meeting, noting that the schedules would be easier to manage for families if they have earlier notification about calendar changes. The Board is expected to discuss the matter at its March 21 meeting.

Additionally, the two days in mid-October, originally slated for a Vermont NEA conference, are to be removed. One day—October 18—is a school day, while students are off October 19.

The first day of school for South Burlington sixth- and ninth -grade students under the proposed calendar is August 28. The remaining portion of the city’s students will begin classes the next day.

The state requires students attend school for 175 days.

SOURCE: Gail Callahan, Correspondent