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Thursday January 21, 2016

Meaghan Emery announces her intention to run again for the South Burlington City Council. If elected in March 2016, she will continue to pursue immediate City Center goals, including a new municipal library, Dumont Park, and public-private development that enhances our commercial assets and, with voter approval, will generate state tax dollars for reinvestment; Emery will continue to respect residents’ ability to pay when making budgetary decisions; and she will remain steadfast in her commitment to include all stakeholders in various policy initiatives concerning our economy, infrastructure, environment, and community.

After a total of six years on the council (2008-2012 and 2014-2016), she welcomes the thought of continuing to serve in this role. When Emery first ran in spring 2008, her primary goals were the following: protecting South Burlington’s open spaces and the quality of life in our neighborhoods, promoting the development of City Center, and maintaining the quality of city services all with an eye to affordability and financial sustainability. Her goals remain the same, as does her pledge to uphold open, transparent, and accountable government and increased dialog with South Burlington’s neighboring communities.

Emery’s past record on the council demonstrates her commitment to thoughtful dialog, her policy initiatives, and her accomplishments. During her time on the Charter Review Committee, 2007-2008, the committee reformed the City’s Charter to include Neighborhood Civic Forums, a local governance structure, proposed by Emery, that more directly involves citizens in the city’s decision-making processes.

During her three terms on the council, she was a strong advocate for the new police station (for which voters passed a bond in 2009), the conservation of Leduc, now Bread and Butter Farm, on our city’s southern limits (also in 2009), and the development of City Center (approved as a TIF district in 2013). She served on the council when carbon emissions reduction plans were established for city and school buildings. She has advocated the implementation of an on-line suggestion box on the city’s website and the creation of a noise abatement committee through dialog with our partners for airport noise mitigation, BTV and VTANG. Between 2008 and 2015, she served as South Burlington’s representative on Channel 17’s Board of Trustees and takes pride in having served as its president.

She believes her depth of experience and leadership will help her contribute to the city more effectively, and she adds, “In this new year, there is much to be optimistic about. We are a city of diverse resources. We have thriving businesses, major transportation portals, preserved natural areas and working farmlands, vibrant neighborhoods, active volunteers and city boards, and a highly skilled city staff.” Emery treasures this shared investment in our city and understands the need for balance between these entities.