Emma Schaberg is serving in the Peace Corps in Guinea, West Africa.

Emma Schaberg - Making a Difference in Guinea

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Thursday May 30, 2013

Emma Schaberg, a South Burlington native, is serving as a Community Economic Development Peace Corps Volunteer in Guinea, West Africa. A 2007 graduate of South Burlington High School, Schaberg is working to foster social entrepreneurship, through innovative programs created by volunteers working in tandem with local changemakers. 

“The Youth Entrepreneurship Training Program (YETP) and Dare to Innovate programs introduce students to the basics of entrepreneurship, providing them with the tools to open or expand a business venture of their own. The mission of Dare to Innovate is to create a community of socially minded individuals and entrepreneurs that fosters the exchange of ideas, knowledge and resources, catalyzing and promoting the social entrepreneurship movement in Guinea,” Schaberg explains.

Schaberg believes that empowering Guineans to lift themselves out of poverty through social entrepreneurship is the most sustainable and effective solution to the country’s diverse problems. These efforts use profit as a tool for lasting social change, generating income, creating jobs, empowering individuals, and combating social issues.  

Schaberg thinks of  South Burlington residents as very socially conscious and engaged, and invites them to find out more about her work online! For more information go to OsezInnover.com, @DaretoInnovate, Facebook.com/DaretoInnovate. They can also help make the program a success through a tax-deductible donation at: tinyurl.com/DTI-CSE.