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Engels Announces Council Candidacy

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Thursday November 21, 2013

Paul Engels will run for either a two year seat or a three year seat on the South Burlington City Council in March 2014. He was a City Councilor from 2011-2013. He will not solicit campaign contributions and will spend less than $500 on the campaign.

During the time he was a City Councilor he became involved in writing the city’s land development regulations using form based code. It was his suggestion to establish the Form Based Code Committee which has given South Burlington citizens an opportunity to write the new land development regulations for City Center. 

This effort is complete and the new code is with the Planning Commission for public hearings and the City Council for approval. Now the Form Based Code Committee will continue its work in writing land development regulations citywide. “Form based code values form over function and gives communities the tools to halt sprawl,” says Engels. 

“I want to be a City Councilor again because I want citizens who live in our neighborhoods to have the final say in our land development regulations. I was the first chair of the committee and was instrumental in choosing the citizen committee members and the consultants. I believe I have a vision for what the city can be and the leadership ability to make it happen,” he said.

Citizen control of our own government is important to Engels. 

“More than $25,000 was spent on the last City Council election. The Attorney General’s office wrote to me recently saying they have enough information to proceed with my complaint of campaign finance violations against Pam Mackenzie. Thousands of dollars were spent on the election that were not reported.” says Engels. 

“The money spent in our community last March to influence the election was a disgrace. I will not spend more than $500 on my campaign. I hope other candidates will renounce political action committees and limit their personal spending too,”  he said. 

Engels has a BA in English and a MS in television, radio and film from Syracuse University.  He is a 25 year resident of the city and currently retired. He said he “thanks the 1100 plus people who voted for me in each of my last two election campaigns and hopes others will join them.”