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Thursday April 19, 2018

South Burlington resident Sheramy Tsai knows a thing or two about motherhood. The registered nurse and writer is also a busy mom of five. Her blended family consists of her three biological children and two stepchildren. As though she did not already have enough on her plate, she decided to add “producer” to her resume.

This fall, Expressing Motherhood will be coming to Burlington. The acclaimed production is the stage show that has been showcasing people sharing their stories about motherhood onstage since 2008. The show’s roots are in Los Angeles, although it has sold out theaters in New York City, Boston, and throughout the United States.

“Motherhood is such a transformative experience, and it deserves a voice,” said Tsai, who in addition to being the local producer, is also an Expressing Motherhood alumnus.

In 2010, shortly after the birth of her second child, Tsai was looking for a new adventure, or, as she expresses, “perhaps just a good reason to get out of the house.” After seeing an advertisement for an Expressing Motherhood event, she wrote a monologue and submitted it for the show. Along with 13 other women, Tsai was selected to perform her piece three nights in a row to a sold-out audience.

“The experience of telling my story on stage was life-changing. Here I was, surrounded by a group of dynamic, smart, funny, and strong women. The one thing that we all shared was a common understanding of motherhood. For a brief moment in our lives, the term motherhood was synonymous with community.”

From stories of tragic loss to hilarious tales of life with a “tween,” each Expressing Motherhood show is unique. Unlike most productions, the cast members do not audition. Instead, they submit a self-written piece in the form of a monologue, song, or skit. If chosen, they perform their own pieces in the show.

“While I am the local producer, I have handed over cast selection to the LA producer. The show is her ‘baby’ and she knows how to best balance the different types of stories. The authenticity of the show is based around the fact that we don’t know the women and they all come together. All pieces are selected on the written stories, and there are no rehearsals other than one the night before the show,” explained Tsai.

Expressing Motherhood will perform November 8 and 9 at the Black Box Theater at Main Street Landing. The show is currently accepting cast submissions from May 1 through 7. For more information visit or email